With the economies around the world affected by covid19, and many people being laid off, you might be looking for a new job. It was the Great Recession back in 2008 that led me to start teaching overseas. Perhaps there aren't many jobs in your area, so you're considering a move to a new state. Well, why not a new country?

That was my line of thinking when I was on the job hunt during the Great Recession. I had applied to so many different schools and education related jobs in my area, but didn't get so much as an interview. I was a new teacher at the time (had only taught 1 year), so that also wasn't working in my favor. After a couple of months applying to various jobs in my area with no luck, I thought it was time to widen my search. After a trip to Thailand in college, I knew I eventually wanted to teach overseas. I knew for most international schools, I needed more experience under my belt first. However, with the economy the way it was, I began my search overseas. 

I'd like to share two websites that are FREE that really helped me out, and that you can use in your job search. 

Educators Overseas - this website was where I found my first job overseas. It wasn't the greatest job, but it was a good start. And it led to me meeting my future husband, so God's hand was definitely in my move overseas. Here are a few things I like about this website: 
- it's FREE 
- you can upload all of your documents (degree, certificate, reference letters, etc) ONCE and then apply to multiple jobs 
- the website has lots of information about living in different countries or regions of the world, which is great for those new to the region or new to living overseas, to help determine if that country would be a good fit 
- they usually have a few blogs of some of their teachers linked to their website to find out firsthand what working and living overseas is like 
- you can search by region, country, type of job, etc 
- the job descriptions usually state the salary, as well as the cost of living in that city 
ISS-Schrole - this website has a slightly higher caliber of schools. There is a FREE option or a paid option. The paid option is VERY reasonable compared to some other international school recruitment sites. Here are a few things I like about this website: 
- there is a FREE option, or a $75 option 
- there are some really good international schools in their database 
- you can upload all of your documents ONCE and then apply to multiple jobs 
- for your references, you enter their contact info and the website emails them a reference form to fill out, which is then connected to your profile for all of the schools to see. This keeps you from having to ask for references multiple times, and also keeps the references legit and confidential, since they send them directly to the website instead of to you first 
- they offer a weekly email with current job vacancies all over the world 
- it is super easy to apply for a job with the click of a button 

There are so many other job sites for all sorts of teachers, but these are the two I recommend. Another great tip, if you DO know which city/country you want to teach in, is to do a google search for international schools in that city and then apply directly through those schools' websites. However, these school websites will often link you to ISS-Schrole or a similar recruitment website to apply anyways. 

Best wishes on your job hunt, and possibly your first step into the expat life. Check back next week for some tips on what to do to prepare AFTER you've landed the job.

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