Or maybe I should call it a quarantine challenge or social distancing challenge? 

I know we have all been affected in some way by Covid19 and social distancing. During these crazy times, it is important to keep up our physical, mental and emotional health. No, I don't mean starting a new diet or anything...let's be honest, we're all going to gain a few pounds after being inside so much. My hope with this challenge is that we can encourage each other to rise above our circumstances and stay healthy during these uncertain times. 

And by staying healthy, I'm talking about our physical, mental AND emotional health. For some, that might mean just staying afloat and for others that might mean starting a new project or creating a daily routine. This challenge is not meant to judge you in areas you are falling short. It is meant to help us all survive, and maybe even THRIVE, during this global crisis. 

I would love for you to join me in these daily challenges by commenting on each post on Facebook or Instagram, tagging me in your stories, and sharing these posts with others to challenge your friends and family. Each day's challenge will be a small thing you can do to improve your mental, physical or emotional well-being.  

You in? Comment here or on my Facebook or Instagram pages with "I'm in" or "Let's do this!" and tag a friend or family member to do it with you :)

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