I wasn't always such a proponent for natural solutions. 

It was more of a gradual journey. I first started using essential oils just to make my house smell nice. I started off with an oil burner with a tealight candle, and eventually switched to a water diffuser when I was pregnant. I wanted the house to sell nice without the risky flame with a baby around the house.  
It was also around that time that I started researching natural solutions for labor and delivery. Maybe it was just me, but there was something that changed in me when I was pregnant and I became focused on healthy and natural things for myself and my baby. I started off with a couple of cheap oils from, and then got a couple of Young Living oils from a friend. They all smelled nice, but I was still skeptical about whether or not they worked. I kept using them in hopes they would, but didn't notice a huge difference in my health - especially my respiratory issues.  

When we moved to Hanoi, I brought my cheap oils with me and used them fervently those first couple of months of us being here. It seemed like we were getting sick every couple of weeks, and my lungs were not happy about the unexpected air pollution. I was even using over the counter meds and my rescue inhaler daily with no relief.  
It was around that time when my friend Kelly introduced me to doTERRA. I had heard about that brand before when I was invited to some Facebook essential oil online events, but figured if the other brands hadn't worked for me, why would doTERRA? But, I gave it a shot, since it was the only trusted brand available here.  

When I got home with my first bottle of doTERRA's Purify blend, I cracked open the bottle and inhaled deeply, Then I put some in the water diffuser and waited skeptically to see if it would work. Well, I didn't have to wait long, because after about 10 or 15 minutes of diffusing Purify, I could feel my lungs opening up and had the first productive cough in weeks!  
That was over 2 years ago, and I haven't had to use my inhaler since. After the skeptic in me was amazed at the doTERRA difference, I knew I had to share it with other mamas. 
If you have been looking for natural solutions to a health concern and haven't yet had an amazing essential oil experience like I have, comment below or email me. I would love to find you a sample that can change your health like it did mine!

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