I love lunar new year because it gives me another opportunity to set goals for the year. 

For the past couple of weeks, I have been going through my new PowerSheets planner. For years, I have been reticent to use a handwritten planner because I thought it would just take up more of my time and require too much maintenance. After going through a free goal setting worksheet from Cultivate What Matters, I was convinced to try out their PowerSheets planner. 

One of the main things that convince me was its focus on setting goals that matter. One of the big questions is "What will matter when you are 80?"  The other thing that convinced me to try the PowerSheets planner was the way it broke down goals into mini goals, and then even further into action steps. Through this guided goal setting, I was finally able to focus and choose my word for the year. 

My word for 2020 is RISE. Last year, and even the start of this year, brought many stressful challenges in my personal and work life. I chose the word "RISE" because of the following definitions that really encouraged and motivated me: - to succeed in not being limited or constrained by a restrictive environment or situation  - to be restored to life  - to find the strength or ability to respond adequately to a challenging situation - to increase in number or quality - upward movement, becoming higher. 

Through this goal setting, I found new purpose and focus for this blog. Over the next month, you will notice a slight change in the topics I write about. One of my goals is to become the Expert Expat Mama to encourage other expat mamas in this sometimes stressful and sometimes lonely, but very adventurous life of an expat. My future blog posts will be written specifically to expat mamas, giving mama tips, travel tips and expat tips. 

I am excited for this new focus and to see how God helps me RISE this year! What is your word for the year?

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