This is the oil routine I generally use for my son, though it might vary slightly depending on the day or if he is dealing with any specific health issue. Note, these times are approximate. 

6:30 - doTERRA children's vitamins, omega oil and probiotics 

6:45 - roll on daily oils: Stronger (immune support), Tamer (digestive support), Thinker (to help focus at school), Calmer or Adaptiv (to balance his emotions and help him deal with any stressful situations at school), and Breathe or other respiratory oils 

6:50 - brush teeth with OnGuard toothpaste 
7:00 - add a drop of Breathe or Purify to his pollution mask. He also likes to suck on a Breathe throat drop to help with the slight cough or congestion he gets from the pollution 

13:00 - he often brings his Calmer roller to roll on before his nap at school. If he's at home that day, I turn on his diffuser next to his bed with Serenity and Breathe 18:00 - when we remember, he will take his second dose of his doTERRA multivitamin. If he's having pooping issues, I'll also give him some TerraZyme opened into a small cup of juice to help regulate his digestive system 
19:00 - DigestZen or Tamer on his belly to help with his nightly poo 

20:00 - if I remember to, we'll roll on his daily oils again before bed - especially Stronger and Calmer. Then, we turn on his diffuser by his bed with Serenity and Breathe - or other sleepytime oils 

On bath days, we use the doTERRA baby body wash for his bath and to wash his hair. We also use the OnGuard foaming handwash at home anytime we wash our hands. 

What are your favorite oils or doTERRA products for kids?

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