With so much illness going around, I thought it would be helpful to share how I protect myself daily using essential oils and natural solutions. Note, these times are approximate. 

6:00 - doTERRA Balance deodorant, and ClaryCalm roller on my lower abdomen 
6:15 - take LifeLong Vitality vitamins and supplements, digestive enzymes, probiotics and TriEase softgels (for seasonal threats) 
6:30 - add a drop of Cardamom or Pink Pepper essential oil to my matcha latte for respiratory support and flavor
6:45 - brush teeth with OnGuard toothpaste, wash face with doTERRA face wash, roll on some Imortelle and/or Yarrow/POM essential oil to support a healthy complexion 

6:50 - roll on my daily rollers: OnGuard (immune support), Breathe (respiratory support), and Adaptiv (emotional support and stress relief) any other oils I might need that day 

7:00 - a drop of Breathe or Purify in my pollution mask before driving my electric scooter to work, and also during recess duty if it's a polluted day. I also might suck on a Breathe or OnGuard throat drop if needed

8:00 - OnGuard or AirRepair or Adaptiv in my diffuser on my desk at work - depending on my mood or the pollution levels 

Throughout the day - OnGuard sanitizer on my students' hands before they come into my music classroom, rolling Adaptiv on my wrists throughout the day if it's a stressful time at work, and an OnGuard throat drop or TeaTree to soothe any sore throat from teaching 

17:00 - some citrus or floral oils in the living room diffuser after work 
18:00 - LLV, TerraZyme, PB Assist, OnGuard softgels and any other doTERRA vitamins and supplements with dinner 
20:00 - roll on Motivate to get the energy and motivation to workout 
20:30 - doTERRA shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower 

21:00 - DeepBlue rub or AromaTouch on any sore muscles 
21:30 - Bergamot tea to relax for the evening 
22:00 - ClaryCalm on abdomen and Serenity or other bedtime oils in the diffuser by my bed 

We also use the OnGuard foaming handwash at home anytime we wash our hands. And the OnGuard cleaner concentrate to clean the household surfaces and the OnGuard laundry detergent for our clothes. 

This is for a typical day, but I might add a few extra oils if I'm dealing with any other health concerns. Next week, I will go through a daily essential oil routine for kids.

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