Respiratory health tips from an asthmatic living in a polluted city


Last month, I offered my ebook all about respiratory health. Here is a brief recap of the tips that have worked for me, and have allowed me to be free of my inhaler for almost two years, even while living in a polluted city! 
- Run an air purifier in your home regularly 
- If you live in a polluted city, wear a quality pollution mask regularly (especially if you travel on a motorbike or are outside a lot) 
- I highly recommend Breathe Hanoi for those of you living in Hanoi 
- Download an air quality app and monitor the air quality. Don't spend lots of time outdoors on extra polluted days, especially if you're an asthmatic 
- Diffuse respiratory essential oils regularly. My favorites are doTERRA's Purify and Breathe blends 
- Add a drop of respiratory oils to your pollution mask or hair or clothing so you can breathe it in regularly 
- Support your immune system to prevent respiratory issues for flaring up. I love using doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality vitamins and supplements for daily immune support, as well as daily use of OnGuard essential oil on my spine or back of neck or feet 
There are other tips, but these are the main ones. What tips have you tried or which do you plan to try? Comment below with your answer

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