Beat those back to school germs with all natural foaming handsoap

It's back to school time! 

Which means lots of germs. 
This is a favorite of mine that I always gift to my son's classroom. One of his teachers loved it so much that she even bought one for her personal use at home.

My favorite essential oil to use for this hand soap is the OnGuard protective blend, because it smells awesome and is great immune support! I also love using citrus oils for an uplifting scent and cleansing properties. Check out my video below for another great essential oil combo, and to see how easy it is to make. 

I can't wait to hear which oils you chose to use for your hand soap! Comment below once you've tried the recipe. 


1) Add castile soap, FCO and essential oils to your soap dispenser and slowly stir together (I love to use a chopstick to stir) 
2) Add water slowly so as not to create bubbles. DON'T fill to top, leave space for foaming pump 
3) Screw on foaming pump and use in your bathroom, kitchen or classroom!

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