How essential oils helped me find my tribe

In high school, I was taught that the stages of culture shock are: All is swell, All is hell, and All is well. 

I've definitely experienced these stages in each country we've traveled to and lived in. If it was just visiting a country for vacation, then I didn't always experience all of these stages. 

The "All is hell" stage lasted a good chunk of our first year in Hanoi as I had to not only deal with a new culture, but a new role of being a stay at home mom, my husband working crazy long hours, and dealing with frequent illness due to the new germs and pollution. I am so thankful for my friends and my essential oils that got me through that stage and into the "All is well" stage. 

The essential oils actually played a huge part in getting us well and keeping us well, but also gave me a renewed purpose of helping others and building a business of my own (you can ready my story here). I've made so many great friendships through my oil business, and have found my tribe. 

Do you have a tribe? A group of friends that share the same passion? I'm lucky enough to have multiple tribes here in Hanoi. 
Comment below if you've got a tribe or would like to be part of our global tribe.

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