My top 5 tips to promote good sleep in preschoolers

Do your kids have a bedtime routine? 

Routines in general are so important, but especially to encourage good sleep - for ourselves or our littles. 

I tried to establish a bedtime routine early on, since my son struggled with sleep as an infant due to his reflux. It helped my sanity and his mood, and now he is such a good sleeper! 

Here are my top 5 tips to incorporate into a bedtime routine to promote good sleep for little ones (or even for you!):

1) Toilet - my son has struggled with digestive issues of one form or another since he was a baby. To encourage him to be regular (he used to hold the poo in for 4 days! I know, TMI. Sorry to you non-mamas reading this)

2) Sleep essential oil roller blend - our sleep roller blend consists of Vetiver, Serenity and Roman Chamomile. This gets rolled on the feet and/or spine before bed to promote relaxation

3) Bedtime story (or two or three) - Here's the teacher in me coming out. Did you know that kids who are read to each night hear thousands more new vocabulary words each year compared to those kids who don't get bedtime stories? This exposure to so many new words improves their language development and prepares them for academic success

4) Sound machine - This might be considered optional for some, but it is something we implemented when our son was an infant and struggled with sleep and reflux. It saved our sanity then, and is now something he asks for as part of his routine. BONUS: It masks the other sounds going on in our apartment while our son sleeps and we're awake

5) Diffuser - the roller blend mentioned above is put on our son's feet, so the oils are absorbed into his bloodstream within 20 minutes to help his body relax. We also like to diffuse some calming essential oils in a water diffuser so that his olfactory system can send messages to his brain that it's time to sleep. I like to change up which oils we use, but we almost always include some Breathe to encourage open airways throughout the night, and some Lavender since we have used that calming oil since he was a baby.

BONUS: Don't forget the goodnight kiss!

Which of these tips are part of your routine? Which do you plan to implement?

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