The #1 skincare tip that will give you fast results and won't break the bank

Girl, wash your face! 

No, really, wash it. But not with harsh or drying toxins. 

One super easy wellness habit I have implemented this year is washing my face with coconut oil and turmeric essential oil. I was a bit hesitant at first, as I thought the coconut oil would leave my skin too greasy, but it doesn't! 

1) Scoop out about a tsp or TBSP of coconut oil onto your fingers 

3) Mix together and then spread all over your face like a mask 

4) Wet a washcloth with really hot water and hold it over your face for a steam effect

5) After a minute or two, wipe the coconut oil off your face. The steam and coconut oil helps pull out the dirt from your face, and the turmeric oil nourishes your skin. And those seconds of steam under that washcloth makes me feel like I'm at the spa - shutting out the noise of my chatty 3-year-old for just a minute of peace 

What is your skincare routine? Have you tried washing your face with coconut oil? Comment below with your experiences and tips

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