Two basic needs - reflections from a mama and a teacher

Everyone has two basic needs - to belong and to feel significant. 

This is something that has stuck with me each time I have gone through positive discipline training at the schools I have worked at. But I feel like this can be applied beyond the classroom, and to all ages across cultures (from a girl who has lived and taught in three different cultures, and visited many others). 

When we feel like we belong and we feel significant, as a worker we are more likely to work harder and feel job satisfaction. 

As a spouse, if we have a sense of belonging and significance, we are more likely to have a happier marriage. 
As a human being, we are less likely to feel depressed if we have a social group that we belong to and where we feel significant. 
As a child, they are less likely to act out and misbehave if they feel they belong and are significant to the classroom or family. 

If you are a parent or teacher, I highly recommend you look into positive discipline books or training. I don't make any money off this recommendation - just a mama and a teacher sharing her heart.

Comment below with your thoughts on these two basic needs. Do they resonate with you?

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