10 must-have essentials for on-the-go - advice from an essential oil "girl scout"

What essential oils do you carry around you at all times?
I feel like I'm the essential oil girl scout sometimes - always prepared! I carry my oil keychain on my wallet purse wherever I go. 

Here are the top 10 must-have essential oils for on-the-go, and just a few ways of how I use them:

1) OnGuard - for immune support (as a teacher and mom of a little one, this is a necessity!)

2) Lavender - to soothe skin irritations and calm my nerves during times of stress

3) Breathe - for those extra polluted days, to keep this asthmatic breathing easy

4) Purify - same as above. I will combine them or alternate inhaling or diffusing them

5) Melaleuca - to soothe this music teacher's sore throat, and also great for skin irritations or strange odors

6) Lemon - a drop in my glass water bottle throughout the day for a gentle detox

7) Balance - for emotional balance, especially during stressful times at work

8) Deep Blue - for muscle aches and pains - my colleagues have thanked me for this one more than once!

9) Peppermint - for an energy boost during that afternoon slump, or to combat the Hanoi heat and humidity

10) DigestZen - to soothe the tummy after some questionable cafeteria food - my colleagues have also thanked me for this one

BONUS: I also sometimes have this extra little pouch on hand with some essential oil ointment, throat drops, beadlets, lip balm, coconut oil, etc. 
I am ready for owies, tummy aches, muscle aches, head aches, coughing, sore throat, etc. My colleagues know I always carry my oils, so they will often ask me: Do you have anything for ____?  And I usually do :) I love being able to help others and myself feel better. 

Did I miss anything? Comment below with some of your "must-haves".

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