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At the doTERRA convention this year, our keynote speaker was Michelle Poler of @hellofears. She was a powerful motivator, as well as funny and authentic

When I came across this photo on my phone, I felt compelled to share about one of my fears that I conquered as an expat. Some of you might think I am always brave and adventurous since I live abroad, but my husband can definitely attest to the fact that I am not always brave

Sidenote definition from Michelle Poler: BRAVE = acting despite having fear NOT having no fear at all

When we first moved to Vietnam, it took me 4 months before I would even ride on the back of my husband's motorbike. Another few months before I would even attempt to drive his. And a couple of months more before I decided to rent an electric bike (the weight of a motorbike was too heavy for me) and drive with my son strapped to the back. After a year of living in Hanoi, I finally bought my own electric scooter and began commuting to work on it daily with my son. To get to this point, though, it required lots of research and talk with other moms who had been there done that and could give me some tips

All this to say, it's okay to be afraid of something - being brave doesn't mean being without fear. What is something you will act on today, despite the fear?

P.S. If any mamas in Hanoi need advice or encouragement about driving a scooter in Hanoi, I am happy to be the "been there, done that" mama for you to get advice and encouragement from

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