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Are you curious about essential oils, but maybe have been afraid to ask questions? Or maybe you felt like natural solutions would be too difficult or time consuming? Or maybe you're like I was, and you are skeptical that they would even do anything more than smell nice!

That is where I started fact, most of use started in that very position, not knowing much about natural solutions!

This is why I have created a special 3-day event exclusively for you newbies that are not currently doTERRA members and have a genuine interest in learning how to integrate natural solutions into your life. And the best part? It is via email!  

Super convenient, at your own pace, with no pressure - just fun and learning.  Does that sound like something you or a friend would be interested in? If so, comment here or send me an email ( with "I'm in!"

For those of you that join the LIFESTYLE EVENT and live in the US or Hanoi, I've got a special surprise for you, so be sure to check your email

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