Adjusting to life as a third culture kid


Okay, that was too easy

This picture always reminds of expat life, and the struggle he had settling in at his school his first year - and how much progress he has made. The adjustment from staying at home to going to school full time was difficult in itself. Add to that the commute on a motorbike in rain or shine, in heavy traffic. Add to that the fact that he is the only non-Asian in his class, so even if the language of instruction is English, the main culture and social language is Vietnamese.

What a struggle it was that first semester! But now, I am happy to say he has friends - isn't that every mama's wish for their child? He even invited a few to his birthday party this year.

And when you ask him what language he speaks, he will tell you he knows Vietnamese AND English. And he loves wearing his Ao Dai for special occasions. And when you ask him what he wants for dinner, his answer is always chicken and rice, or bubble tea. And this summer, when we went to visit family in the US, he kept talking about how things were different "in my country" (Vietnam).

Anyone else got an expat kid? How did yours adjust to living in a different culture? When did you know they had "settled" into their new culture?

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