Toxin-free massage oil

I just wanted to share a quick tip to those who already use doTERRA essential oils. We all know how pure and potent these oils are. And personally, after experiencing the doTERRA difference compared to other oils, and learning about the purity testing from the Aromatic Plant Research Center, I refuse to use any other brand for fear it will have synthetics or added fillers or not be as effective

If you're like me and are concerned with what goes on your skin, make up a bottle of massage oil to take with you to your next massage appointment. No, I don't mean the romantic massage, though that could work, too. I mean those regular self care massages from an actual massage therapist

My massage lady comes to my house, and I always make sure to have a bottle of oil for her to use. I mix up about 5-10 drops of essential oil (usually the Aromatouch blend) with fractionated coconut oil to fill an old 15ml oil bottle. She ends up using most of it by the time she's finished with the full body massage

What are your favorite essential oils to use for massage?

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