Working mom life


I am so blessed to work at a school with a Montessori attached for this dude to attend! When we first moved to Hanoi, I stayed home with him to help us get settled into a new culture and new city.

But that stay-at-home-mom life wasn't working for me emotionally. After a year, I finally found a school where I could work and he could attend on the same campus. My schedule as a music teacher enables me to pop over to his class for special events at least once a month

Would I consider being a stay-at-home-mom again? Perhaps. Now that I have found my tribe and purpose with my doTERRA business, and am better connected with friends in this city...perhaps. But for now, I love my job teaching music and drama, and the staff I get to work with every day

How about you? Are you a WAHM, SAHM, etc? If you could choose, would you stay in your current job?

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