Oil safety tips for internal use

For those of you who are new to doTERRA essential oils, you may not know that some doTERRA essential oils can be taken internally in safe doses.

All doTERRA essential oils are tested for purity and potency by the Aromatic Plant Research Center, and are free of foreign contaminants and fillers. While not all of their oils are safe to ingest (due to the particular plant or part of the plant), the ones that are safe to ingest can give overall health benefits when taken in a veggie capsule with some olive oil or similar carrier oil.

How do you know which ones are okay to ingest? doTERRA makes it easy for us by putting a supplement facts label on those oils that are safe for internal use.

Do be careful ingesting some of the "hot" or "spicy" oils, such as thyme, oregano and clove. These are best diluted with some olive oil and put in a veggie capsule to swallow like a pill, as they would be extremely spicy in your mouth otherwise...ask me how I know

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